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Roofing update on Universal Contractors

Mr. James Rodriquez from Universal Contracting have delivered so far on everything as promised. The first phase of the roofing under-lament moisture barrier was completed this past Friday. Shortly after the roofing crew left, Mr. Rodriquez made me aware of a possible upcoming inspection that could on happen on Monday or Tuesday.

James Rodriguez with Universal Contracting Roofing

I now realize there’s a lot in picking the right company when replacing your roof. After speaking with so many people and different roofing companies, James Rodriguez from Universal Contracting passed all test. Honesty and work ethic is huge for me but experience with knowledge at all phases that he

The Right Florida Roofing Company Is The Key

Just a few days before Christmas in southwest Florida, my roof suffered severe wind damage. So far my insurance company has been great but finding a honest and trustworthy roofing company has been hard. I think I’ve found a really reliable roofing company that has not tried to upsell and promise me

Cimmino Brothers Generac Generator Install

  Cimmino Brothers Generac Generator Install Gino and Joe also known as the “Cimmino Brothers” installed our 22K Generac generator and I’m so pleased with all that they had to do and how they did it. From the beginning of land surveying, securing the permits and communicating with FPL through


Stress is a normal part of life. We’ve all had an unexpected challenge, tight deadlines or some other emergency that has caused some disruption in our life. However, many of us are experiencing more than the normal amount of stress daily. Whether it’s because you worry too much, overthink, or

Fishin Frank is Coming Back

Fishing Frank’s is reopening sometime this year and maybe sooner than most people are thinking. As you can only imagine that with the lost of your livelihood, loosing dreams, and loosing your ability to help your employees, friends and customers that literally stretch beyond the southwest Florida region to around

Bugs & Beyond LLC

  Pest control vs Exterminators might be like saying tomato vs tomatoe to some but in SWFL you better get it right. Coming from up north if I ever had a problem with bugs I would call a Exterminator. My brother in Orlando told me that the first thing I

Finnegans formerly Beef O’Bradys

  Dee Comer Godwin says that "Port Charlotte Beef O'Brady's is now Finnegans! "Same great atmosphere, same great friendly people… Stop in and see them! It's no longer part of a chain, but a mom & pop shop! Stop on in" . Dee Comer Godwin is the creator of the

Zradical Fucoidan is Different

You can find and maybe already seen (or know of) the many published researched articles of the nutritional vale and support benefits from Wolfberry (aka Goji berries) juice, Yumberry juice , Milk Thistle and Turmeric. Just imagine drinking a serving of all of these nutrients along with a serving of

Process Your Small Business Loan Today

Small businesses in today times need money right now and your opportunity for getting a small business loan for working capital is still available today through David Allen Capital, Inc. Yes it was a nightmare trying to apply for a share of the CARES Act, which contained $376 billion in