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Moving to Southwest Florida (SWFL) from another state is almost no different than moving to any other area. There is so much info that you need to know and even a great Realtors may not be able to help you with everything right away. Even when people make their “Must Do or Things to Do” checklist, you still forget something. A good realtor may help remind or point you in the right direction of the most important things to do, but they can only do so much. Neighbors can be another great source of info but you’re not trying to wear out your welcome right away either.

Typically before going to your house settlement closing, your realtor may have already instructed you to switch your electric and water services over. Below are the 4 major services that was on my “To Do List” before I purchased my home. Having these basic services information to your electric company (FPL), water company (Charlotte County Utilities) , trash (Charlotte County Sanitation) and DMV ahead of time and at your fingertip will help you. to visit their website for more info just click the title links below.

  1. Electric
  2. Water
  3. DMV
  4. Trash Pickup
  5. Realtor

NOTE: I saved the Biggest and Best for last, and that is if you’re looking for not just any realtor but “The Realtor” … look No Further. His name is Mr. Chad Vogt and he’s from Re/Max Palm Realty located at 1808 Tamiami Trail D2, Port Charlotte, Fl 33948. There’s no possible to share our entire three years of house buying experience. I was able to shorten a few things to hopefully give you a little insight of how Mr. Vogt was able to help us find our new Florida home. Take a look into our Florida home buying  experience with Mr. Chad Vogt by Clicking Here Now

If you need a place to stay while in town to look for your new SWFL home, I have a great spot for you if Mr. Chad Vogt is running short on short term home rentals. Just let me know and I will refer you to a beautiful centrally located home rental or you can CLICK Here Now (link coming Soon). For other services such related to your pool, lawn care, plumbing and more, see my personal recommendations by Clicking Here

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