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SWFlorida living can be very relaxing and wonderful experience once you have your home services covered. Services such as pest control, pool and lawn care might be simple for some but if you’ve never done it before, you definitely want licensed and insured people that are knowledgeable, dependable and hopefully reasonable too. Plumbers, Electricians, Air Conditioning and Roofers to name a few of other services that you should have fingertip access to at a storm moments notice. As with recommendations for anything, I look for qualifications, licensed, pricing, proof of other work, reliability and honesty (in no particular order).

From my personal experience I have found a great Plumber, Electrician, Air Conditioning and Roofer that have met and in many times exceeded my expectation. Just do me and my personal recommendations a favor and let them know that you got their name from me by saying “Bruce from SWFloridaHive blog”. This helps them know that the word of mouth networking advertising is working. Here below are my favorites that have either done work for me or came highly recommended by people that I trust. If others want to get on this list or in my personal sponsor list, just contact me by clicking on my name below.

    1. Messina Pools (Messina Review-click Here)
    2. Air-Conditioning
    3. Plumbing
    4. Lawn Care 
    5. Pest Control (Bugs & Beyond LLC Review-Click Here)
    6. Home Water Filtration (Coming Soon)
    7. Forex and Crypto Trading
    8. Roofing/Solar (Universal Contractor Review-Click Here)

One other huge service is always if not first and foremost is medical. Not sure if I can help you out with that one but the one of the best ranking hospitals in the Port Charlotte area just might be Fawcett Hospital according to .

I also found some really good feedback on a GREAT Port Charlotte Facebook group page that has a great moderator done by Mr.s Dee Comer-Godwin. PLEASE follow her rules if you’re joining this group and keep it one of the best Facebook groups in the area.

Another service that seems to be in high on the “To Do List” is cable television and internet. No need to plug and promote the obvious but it seems like it’s Comcast (Xfinity) country in Port Charlotte county until Verizon finish with their FIOS fiber network. Keep in mind that you do have a few other options like Dish Network and Directv that comes up in a few online polls as being okay as well.


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