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Children Made To Order In Central Europe

Children Made To Order In Central Europe   Before the end of last year, the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior published a short report that did not even penetrate the Czech media. The police accused six people of a Ukrainian reproduction clinic for the crime of child trafficking. Illegal profit

World is threatened with famine

World is threatened with famine – warning of German minister (information on important politics meeting from Czech web) Russia's invasion of Ukraine threatens the world's biggest famine since World War II. At a press conference on Wednesday18th May 2022 German Development Minister Svenja Schulze said this at the start of a

Russian government spokesmen on Ukraine

Russian spokesmen are very sharp in their comments on the events in Ukraine. As we read their statements during last few days, a chill runs down our spines. They choose very sharp words. "Russia will respond harshly to further strikes by Ukraine against military facilities on Russian territory initiated by