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Looking for a dock… put Dylan from All Marine Contracting on the clock. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve spoken to about getting a dock built. So many people either gave misleading info or just never followed through. Dylan from All Marine Contracting came out (like others) and gave me his thoughts and things to think about. We called each other a couple of times to work out a contract that we both agreed upon. 

I will admit that I wasn’t sure if and when it was going to be built. I was thinking dock building start time was going to be in about 90 days. All Marine Contracting submitted everything and I watched how quickly Charlotte County was quickly proceeding with my permit application online. So when I saw that the permit was ready to be issued, Dylan from All Marine Contracting reminded me that the work would start within the agreed upon 4 month period from the time of signing the contract and collection of the deposit.

All dock builders are busy especially since hurricane Ian but my dock builder held to his word the best he could. We agreed to start an extra 2 weeks later which was fine and he started on time. His crew showed up and built the dock to specs that Dylan tried to explain to me. I’m glad Dylan was able to draw out my vision of a dock and make it a reality.

The crew from All Marine Contracting was outstanding. The guys came in and were all business, but took a few moments along the way to explain a few things. They seemed to be extremely knowledgeable and their workmanship was flawless. The crew showed up on time each morning and worked until sundown to get the job done. Hats off and a job well done guys!

Now that morning cup of coffee is gonna feel so much better with each sunrise. The added value to our home will be greatly much appreciated thanks to Dylan and his crew from All Marine Contracting can be trusted and counted on. Looking for the dock of your desires and dreams starts with the All Marine Contracting team!

Thank you guys so much for making our dock dream come true. Just do me and Dylan a favor and let him know that you saw this post. It will help him to know who’s really helping him.

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