Building the Markethive Kingdom for the 2024 launch

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Twenty-six years ago, the Lord set me on a path to build a kingdom for the end times. Twenty-six years ago, the end times seemed so far away, a distant reality.  


So we set about building it – We scaled mountain after mountain, we crossed valley after valley, and we built a secure system that delivers email unlike anything else. It delivers almost 100% directly to the inbox. 


We built a state-of-the-art inbound marketing system that became a social network of fellow entrepreneurs working together for a common cause to build an ecosystem to stand the test of time in what is the end times era prophesied centuries ago—an out-of-control political world that is out to tear down and destroy entrepreneurs. 


We built a system that will boldly stand against that agenda, stand tall in the mountains, and be this blinding light of God's glory of entrepreneurs that will never ever go away. 


We built a system that will broadcast the word of freedom to every corner of the world. This year, we need you more than we have ever needed you because it is this year, we're going to kick off this huge system and launch it into something the world has never seen. 


The world is going to discover a system that has been built by the Breath of God. A vision that will create a sanctuary for our brothers and sisters who are entrepreneurs who wish to build a better life. Who wish to build a solid family of like-minded individuals, who wish to build a home that is stable, secure, and financially viable, that won’t be ripped out from under them and canceled by the woke mind virus that is proliferating in every sector of every industry. 


We have built that system, and we are about to disclose it to the entire world, and we need you. We need every single one of you to pull out a little more to go get an Entrepreneur Account, to take the Entrepreneur One account you already have, and restore it or reactivate it. To buy additional Entrepreneur One accounts. 


These E1 subscriptions are loans to Markethive to assist us with development as we build this unparalleled system to eclipse systems like LinkedIn. The financial return you will receive on this is going to be massive, and you are part of this. 


We're all part of this vision and want to reward your spirit of determination, your foresight, and your mettle that continues to stand up for all our freedoms and autonomy. Your contributions are important to drive this vision to the next level of building the retail giant of liberty on a massive global scale.


We are making a statement here that we will not be stopped by tyrants of the world. We will not be stopped by the agendas of the communists and the global elites’ new world order. 


We will become a system that will exist in every nation and every country in the world. We will become a kingdom built on thousands and thousands of cloud systems scattered worldwide, underpinned by blockchain, crypto-energized, and a database system that will withstand a community of millions and terabytes of creative contentㅡa database system that cannot be stopped. 


So I have to ask you. What are you going to do? Are you going to be part of this? To contribute financial support is to be that voice that will never give up or go quietly into the dark. 


Instead, build the kingdom that will light up the way to stand with the other entrepreneurs, building towards a better way to freely conduct business in an open, honest, and transparent environment. A meritocratic social network of critical thinkers that is so needed in these dark times of subliminal brainwashing. An ecosystem that contributes to your livelihood and financial freedom.  


I have dedicated my entire life to this moment, to this building of this Markethive vision. I have spent my entire life putting every penny I have into it. Many of you have, too, and I ask you: Give more; let's make this big. Let's blow it up in 2024. Let the giant rise out of the ocean in 2024, along with the millions of multitudes of entrepreneurs who say we will not go away.


Thank you. God bless you.
Thomas Prendergast CEO

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