Climate Change a Geoengineering Myth?

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Climate Change, a Geoengineering Myth?

In this article, I examine the concept and process of geoengineering as it relates to climate change, with particular scrutiny on whether geoengineering is solving a problem or engineering a problem.  

As we continue through to the halfway point of 2023, the so-called emergency issues of the climate have once again come to the fore as the health topic of covid 19 regresses somewhat, although, as we shall see later, none of these things are standalone events.

As I write this article, pilot sites have sprung up in England, which are trial runs of 15-minute cities. It is based on the idea that everything you need can be accessed within a 15-minute radius. If you venture out of that zone, you risk fines and possible imprisonment. It is directly connected with the climate agenda, which you can read more about in Agendas 21 and 30.

I start with a speech by Prince Charles where he spoke of the need for a war-like approach to climate change in the form of a military-style campaign. On reflection, it sounded like more of a confirmation of something that was already happening.

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What has humanity done to deserve such impending and extreme restrictions, with all the hallmarks of a more permanent lockdown? Let’s start with some definitions of the issue at hand.

The reported ‘climate crisis’ appears to stem from a belief about the threat of global warming to the survival of this planet. Regular conventions and summit meetings have been held since the 1960s to discuss the severity of this perceived issue and plan accordingly. In tandem, there have also been summit meetings on population control, such as the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994, suggesting that both themes are connected.

Here is a video of scientist Carl Sagan explaining the greenhouse effect to Congress. According to the Council for Foreign Relations, there is a consensus of opinion about the science concerning climate change. 

They cite a summary of that science from David Victor, an American Professor of International Relations, who summarises that the earth's temperature is rising at unprecedented rates, which will result in damaging effects across the world. 

He puts this down to human activities using fossil fuels, deforestation, coal, oil, and natural gas. As a consequence of these activities, greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide have been emitted in sufficient amounts to cause the planet to trend toward global warming.

There are a group of climatologists that dispute this stance in that they claim there is no emergency as such. These include climatologists Dr. Judith Curry and Dr. John Christy.

Image source: World Climate Declaration.pdf

Moreover, a global network of over 1100 scientists and professionals known as the “Global Climate Intelligence Group” or The CLINTEL Group has prepared an urgent message explained in this article.

Perhaps the use of the phrase climate change is something of a tautology since the earth is not a static ecosystem. If indeed there is a climate crisis, is it as described by the powers that be, or does the issue lie elsewhere?


Since as far back as the 1960s, many global leaders and political figures have been sending out alarming warnings in the form of predictions. This X22 report cites some of them from a Twitter feed. Here is a paraphrase of some of the identified warnings:

  • 1966 – No more oil in 10 years
  • 1967 – Dire famine forecast by 1975
  • 1970 – Nitrogen build-up will make all land unusable 
  • 1970 – Ice Age by 2000
  • 1974 – Ozone depletion will make life perilous
  • 1980 – Acid rain will kill life in lakes
  • 1989 – Rising sea levels will obliterate nations if nothing is done by 2000
  • 2008 – Al Gore predicts an ice-free Arctic by 2013
  • 2009 – British Prime Minister says we have 50 days to save the earth

None of the above has come to pass. This poses a fundamental question. Bearing in mind that science and political science are not one and the same, are the above merely false prophecies from the domain of political science, or is it a case of science not being so exact as to be predictable? 

Maybe both have some truth to them, yet as this short clip about an ongoing project in Greenland shows, context and relativity are essential in research.  In this project, ice is extracted from the ice sheet in Greenland over thousands of years to determine temperatures during that time. 

Their results underline that when certain political authorities raise the alarm about the increase in warming by 1.5 degrees, they need to put relativity in context. In isolation, you can make research support many inaccurate viewpoints.

There is a third, more serious consideration when we consider context and the interface with political science. What if the political powers in question are creating the problem and then creating a solution to put the control of power firmly in their domain? 

To appreciate why this is an important consideration, I refer to the book The Creature from Jekyll Island by G Edward Griffin, a highly acclaimed documentarist and writer with a flair for taking the complexity out of complex subjects to make them easier to understand. This book first came out in 1994.

Although the creature referred to in the title is the Federal Reserve, and the book focuses on the nature of its creation and the money agenda, various interconnected threads arise in his discovery which has a direct bearing on the climate agenda.

Griffin makes reference to the influence of the Fabian School of Economics in London, whose underpinning ideology was the achievement of a new world order by a more covert expression of socialism as opposed to a more forceful approach, such as what is experienced in communism.

In this approach, money moves from the government and, through various means, gets recycled back to them, which helps to give them more control and power and ultimately morphs them into a new world order, now known as the great reset. Back then, they discussed a one-world currency too.

Within this context, a new unconventional war was proposed in the pursuit of one-world governance, whose echoes found their way into Prince Charles's speech, and it has more to do with eliminating life than enhancing human lives.

It involves the Council of Foreign Relations, and The Club of Rome, who seek to express this ideology, and everything we are witnessing today is coming out of that playbook. I will return to this shortly. Within this historical context, we now look at a process called GeoEngineering.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


Britannica defines geoengineering as ‘the large-scale manipulation of a specific process central to controlling Earth’s climate for the purpose of obtaining a specific benefit.’

Solar radiation is a key influencing factor in how much is absorbed by the earth and reflected into space. The earth’s surface, cloud formation, and gases in the air are all dynamics in this process. Solar radiation management as a core theme of this process means a combination of technologies would need to be created and managed for this to happen.

Few would deny that our earth needs to be taken care of in a much more responsible way. I recall watching a documentary called A Plastic Ocean years ago, in which it was plain to see that our oceans are polluted due to human neglect.

The industrial revolution saw an increase in certain gas emissions and air pollution by corporate giants far beyond what any one individual could emit, but does the climate agenda change amount to such an issue of significant human neglect that it now requires geoengineering to correct the imbalance? 

Collectively harm has been caused to the earth, so one could understand the corrective application of technology to restore balance to the earth’s ecosystem. However, in light of the findings of The Creature from Jekyll Island, it is necessary to probe further as to whether geoengineering is being deployed for a benefit or otherwise.

There is a data-rich website specifically dedicated to examining this question and the core related issues, and recently a powerful documentary was released called The Dimming.

The Dimming documentary examines weather modification through the dimming of the sun and looks at its implications for survival and living. It also examines the driving motivation behind geoengineering. 

It scrutinises the extent to which geoengineers are experimenting with nature’s life support systems and examines whether they have considered the adverse effects of their methodology. In this documentary, certain things are debunked, namely:

1) Geoengineering as an experiment on the populous for nefarious reasons is a conspiracy theory.

2) The trails people witness in the sky are simply condensation trails and not artificial trails, which the layman calls chemtrails.

The documentary reveals vital point-to-point data extracted from cloud layers and other research and discovered:

1. A list of patents supporting geoengineering that goes back by at least 100 years.

2. Planes and aircraft are designed and fitted with nozzles for the express purpose of solar radiation management and the emission of chemicals into the sky to dim the sun.

3. Verification of trails that are not condensation trails, as we have been officially told, but emissions that cause artificial cloud formations designed to dim the sun and alter the ionosphere, resulting in weather modification.

4. Significant levels of aluminium in the cloud layers, which, when transmitted through nanotechnology, can get through the blood-brain barrier to cause serious illnesses such as dementia. 

5. Methane deposits and craters pose an even greater threat than carbon dioxide over time.

6. The motive of military weather control by 2025.

The key objective of leading geoengineers, supported by government and military intervention, is to put 10-20 million tonnes of nanoparticles infused with certain chemicals into the sky on an annual basis.

Geoengineer and author David Keith argues for this necessity of emitting chemicals to dim the sun and cool the planet. He also adds that hundreds of thousands will die in this cause, and he sees no ‘moral hazard’ in this – this is the collateral damage we must accept for the greater good. He uses competitive language, such as winners and losers, suggesting this is not really about collaboration.

If you look at what is happening through four significant elements which form part of the building blocks of life, you will notice how the welfare of humanity is under assault from all angles.

Diagram: Anita Narayan

For example, the blocking of the sun has implications for the life-enhancing process of photosynthesis. Clean air and water are needed to sustain all life forms. The earth and its soil layers determine forest and plant growth.

To expand your research into geoengineering and forest fires, view this PDF called ‘Forest Fire as a Military Weapon.’ More recently, this article exposed the probable cause of the so-called forest wildfires in California in 2017. To explore the water element of flash flooding, watch this video.

An example of the overall impact on Earth and forestation can be viewed in this video. Aside from the artificial cloud formations, hurricanes provide another perspective of geoengineering processes in action through the air.

Each natural element and area is connected and impacts another in this giant ecosystem. Is geoengineering behind why bees are now falling out of the sky, and plankton are dying? 

The domino effect of current geoengineering is described in the documentary. On the one hand, sulphuric acid is released from aircraft to deplete the ozone layer. Combine that with the release of aluminium, barium, strontium, and manganese, which are manipulated by high radio and microwave frequencies to alter the ionosphere, which then alters weather patterns.

One consequential scenario is where warm water goes where it should not go. Methane deposits get released from frozen players in places like the Siberian tundra and rise into the air.

Over a 10-year period, the accumulation of methane in the air is said to be at least 100 times more potent than carbon dioxide. There is evidence of methane blowouts in certain parts of the globe that look like massive craters.

Our documentarists discovered that there is enough methane in these deposits to turn our planet into Venus several times over. This is reportedly being covered up. If this is true, it means a far more serious situation has been created by geoengineering.

It is one thing to err and go off balance and then to correct a course of action. It is quite another to allow it to descend to incompetence or, worse still, corruption if deliberately intended.

At best, the powers that be have gone too far, and instead of pulling back and finding a balance between risk and reward, they are now accelerating the very problem they say they are trying to avert. Life in all its forms is under assault.

The conclusion from the documentary is that the consideration of adverse effects has not just been omitted – it has been overridden. This has not happened by accident but by design, and now we have a more serious climate problem as a result of the current agenda of geoengineering.

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The many patents reveal that this has been planned for a long time and that the reduction rather than the welfare of humanity is uppermost in mind. Recall that this is something Bill Gates has heavily invested in, and the trail of money is revealing in itself.

Furthermore, the military has a clear objective and plan to ‘own’ the weather by 2025. Why such extreme measures? The common argument is that it is for defence reasons. So who or what is the enemy?

From this documentary alone, the sun is a focal point of attack in the geoengineering process, and humanity, not including themselves, is deemed to be the causative agent in the demise of the climate. 


What has become clear not just from this documentary but from the declassified information concerning covid 19 is that the strategy of ‘gain of function’ has been applied with military precision to natural assets and that humanity is not simply potential collateral damage for the greater good.

To bring this point home, let’s now return to the book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, where non-conventional forms of war were discussed to weaken the natural immune systems of the economy and life itself in order to give way to a new world order.

The Iron Report 0f 1966:

The report From Iron Mountain documents the discussions of a think tank group focussing on new and alternative war-type mechanisms by which they could achieve their agenda and strengthen government while subjugating the masses to their plan. 

Many of its participants belong to the Club of Rome and/or the Council of Foreign Relations. Various real or imaginary fear-inducing global threats were discussed, such as extreme poverty, alien invasion, and poisoning the environment.

The citations below summarise their strategic thinking:-

This is what Jacques Cousteau’s had to say in his interview with the United Nations in 1991:

“Should we eliminate suffering diseases? The idea is beautiful but perhaps not beneficial for the long term….In order to stabilise world population, we must eliminate 350,000 per day.”

The Club of Rome concluded that the fear of environmental disaster would be an appropriate substitute for conventional war, and Bertrand Russell echoes this.

“War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full..”

The First Global Revolution report in 1991 extends this theme further;

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like would fit the bill… All these dangers are caused by human intervention…The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

Whatever you think of this report, and no matter which angles you view it from, what is clear is that it describes what is playing out before our eyes.

You can see the same actors at work. For example, besides our governments, Bill Gates has invested heavily in the dimming of the sun, just as he has invested heavily into vaccines and stated that they should be a compulsory requirement for all. You see Klaus Schwab regularly talking about a new world order. You see the move toward a CBDC.

This is a giveaway to the totalitarian state imposed on us as part of a new world order. The 15-minute cities are just another twist of the knife, a component of that climate agenda. Psychological strategies, including fear and propaganda, with military-type interventions are being deployed, and their processes are poisoning us.

This is not simply geoengineering gone wrong but an engineered plan in which humanity is both the subject of experimentation and the intended target for the greater good of a few power-hungry groups. Money, power, and control are dominating themes in which the global powers separate themselves from humanity.

A more severe climate issue has emerged based on the fallout of geoengineering practices rather than the original issue it purported to solve.

We are dealing with an engineered climate agenda with elements of truth and massive deception.  Now it is imperative to sort fact from fiction and recreate a different reality based on truth.


So what can we do with this knowledge, and how do we redress what is going on from an individual and collective standpoint? The good news is that this can be stopped, and a combination of things needs to come together for a new healthier, and peaceful reality to emerge.

The remedial viewpoint would be to do your own research and do everything you can to strengthen your immune system, including growing your own food. The geoengineering website has many awareness-raising materials and community action plans to tackle the various issues.

However, for long-term results and to reverse engineer the impact of the damage sustained so far, I agree with the documentary's conclusion, which relays that lasting change has to be an inside-out approach. 

Start by clarifying the objective and work back from that – this is the essence of reverse engineering. What’s worse than the agenda being laid out before us is a scenario where humanity remains paralysed by fear and does nothing to change things. 

What is more empowering than the prevailing agenda is that humanity awakens, not simply to what is going on, but awakens to their true core nature, so they can rise above the fears of current reality to imprint and create something new on a practical front. 

Here are some tips on how to get out of neutral gear and mobilise accordingly:-


1. Revisit the natural laws of the universe and re-evaluate your partnerships with people and the things around you. How strong and harmonious are they? Adjust your alignment accordingly.

2. Research those who are void of conflicts of interest in order to move toward truthful reporting. 

3. Use Vandana Shiva’s book on Oneness v The One Percent to develop a framework of action so you can become an Ecopreneur, not just an Entrepreneur.

4. Know yourself, meaning grasp your true potential and the power of your mind. The other side knows and executes this well, albeit for detrimental effect.

5. Adjust your attitude and create better experiences. For example, if you pick litter up from the ground, do so because you care about mother earth and not simply to correct someone else's neglect. One creates an experience of genuine care and gratitude, and the other can create an experience of irritation and resentment. You choose.

6. Know that every action you take, whether individual or collective, counts. That certainty will create its own 100th Monkey Effect.

7. Be willing to share your gifts and resources, no matter how small or big. Spontaneous acts of kindness create a true community, spreading like positive wildfire and spreading light that will dispel any darkness.

It's time for the Ecopreneur to rise!



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