Great News for Entrepreneur One Members and a Look into the Future Of Hivecoin

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Great News for Entrepreneur One Members and a Look into the Future Of Hivecoin 

Markethive is relentlessly pushing boundaries, driven by the pursuit of excellence in creating a cutting-edge platform that leaves traditional social media and marketing tools in the dust. With a focus on streamlining user experience, Markethive is incorporating innovative technologies that enable effortless broadcasting, significantly expanding your reach and influence.

With the recently launched wallet that is your comprehensive accounting and financial hub, Markethive is likened to a bank. Hence, the level of security is second to none. The cottage industry concept within the Markethive ecosystem will provide avenues to secure your financial freedom in a sovereign and meritocratic environment in a ‘market-verse’ unique to Markethive but extending its influence beyond the confines of the platform and into the broader online community and cryptocurrency realm.

We have made such significant progress because of the unwavering support and contributions of the Entrepreneur One community and ILP holders. The team behind the scenes is deeply grateful for the backing of these visionary individuals who share our commitment to advancing liberty for all people.

Markethive’s End Of Year Bonuses For E1 Upgrades

It’s Christmas time, and as promised, the 2023 bonus of one whole ILP to each of the Entrepreneur One (E1) associates who have maintained their subscription for the past 12 months will be credited to your wallet in January 2024.

To express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the unwavering support of our esteemed E1 associates who share our vision, Markethive's founders, Thomas and Annette, are thrilled to announce a new promotion set to begin in January 2024. This exclusive offer is a token of our appreciation for your steadfast belief in our mission and your continued dedication to our community.

The incentive for next year is 1000 Hivecoins (HVC), and thanks to Annette, it will include another full ILP! This offering will be delivered at the end of the 12 months in January 2025. The initiative is for Entrepreneur Ones only and any other member who would like to upgrade to an E1 membership of $100 per month. To qualify for the bonus, members must maintain an active subscription for a consecutive 12-month period, and they will receive one whole ILP and 1000 HVC in January 2025.

There's no restriction on the number of Entrepreneur One subscriptions you can own, so you can benefit from multiple memberships. If you have numerous E1 subscriptions, you'll receive the corresponding number of bonuses, such as the ILP and HVC, for each membership you hold. For instance, owning two E1 memberships means you'll receive two whole ILPs and 2000 HVC in January 2025. The more memberships you have, the more rewards you'll achieve.

Alternatively, you can save $200 by upgrading to the E1 with a yearly subscription of $1000, which covers you for 12 months. Note that if you choose the annual option and pay for it a little later in the year, it will be backdated to January, and you will still be eligible for the ILP/Hivecoin 2024 promotion. Please keep in mind that your bonus will be paid to you at the end of the promotion in January 2025. 

Remember, the E1 Upgrade is only available from the company Markethive for a limited time. As we move closer to the official release of Hivecoin, E1 Exchange, and associated implementations within the Markethive system, the Entrepreneur One will only be available to bid and purchase primarily from E1 associates who hold multiple E1 subscriptions, should they choose to sell one via the E1 Exchange (E1X). 

It’s worth noting that 1000 Hivecoin is equivalent to 200,000 Markethive tokens (MHV) currently used within the Markethive ecosystem for micropayments. As Markethive is presently on the Solana blockchain, the Hivecoin is classed as a Token. Once Markethive establishes its own blockchain, which will drive the crypto coin exchange, Hivecoin will be the native token of its blockchain and be regarded as a Coin. 

What Type Of Crypto Is Hivecoin? 

In a previous article, we looked at the different types of cryptocurrencies and their respective categories. Many of the cryptos mentioned were utility tokens, even though they fall under other categories. For example, Binance and Chainlink are utility tokens, but they are classed as exchange and oracle tokens, respectively.   


Markethive's Hivecoin (HVC) is a versatile utility token that extends beyond its primary function to encompass aspects of exchange, payment, smart contracts, and commerce tokens. Its utility is further amplified by its use in various Markethive services, including sponsored articles, press releases, broadcasts, banner advertising, video advertising, and digital advertising on cryptocurrency faucet sites, news sites, the Bounce, and the upcoming Push. Additionally, Hivecoin will play a crucial role in Markethive's gamification strategy, contributing to the overall growth and development of the Markethive ecosystem driven by Hivecoin.



The components mentioned above, along with the Premium Upgrade (PUP), are the tipping point for the Incentivized Loan Program (ILP), as they will be extremely valuable in bringing in revenue for ILP holders. The ILP token is a smart contract, as any member who acquires ILPs through the E1 subscription or purchased the ILP outright is essentially loaning the funds to Markethive for its development. 



The Markethive Credit (MVC) falls into the category of a stablecoin that serves as the backbone of the Markethive ecosystem's staking mechanism. The more MVC you possess in your Markethive wallet, the greater the daily interest you'll accumulate. The interest rates are influenced by other various factors, as depicted in the image below. On the first day of each month, you'll receive your earned interest in Markethive Tokens (MHV), which will be reflected in your coin clip and detailed in your wallet's Accounting section. 



The Markethive Token (MHV) is currently used internally for micropayments. As we make the transition to Hivecoin and listed on the coin exchanges, the MHV will likely be replaced with the Bee Token. It takes 1 million Bees to make one Hivecoin. The Markethive Token is equated at 200 MHV to 1 Hivecoin. 


What Will The Hivecoin Be Worth? 

A realistic way of determining Hivecoin’s worth in the near future is taking into consideration the circulating supply of cryptos with a similar supply to HVC. If you research Coinmarketcap and click on circulating supply, the cryptos with coin supplies in the billions are priced extremely low. Most are less than a cent, with little hope of gaining real value. 

The cryptos with a circulating supply of millions fare much better—many cryptos of around 70 million range from $7 to $50. Markethive is somewhat modeled after Elrond’s MultiversX (EGLD), which has a circulating supply of just over 26 million with a maximum supply of 31.5 million and is currently priced at $61.56 when writing this article. 

The Hivecoin has a capped supply of 48 million. With this low supply and the genuine use cases  Markethive offers, we can expect HVC to go to $10 – $50 within the first year once we are on the exchanges. Going by empirical evidence, the fact we have a strong community and a real need for Hivecoin, we can justify that. 

So what would 1000 Hivecoin be worth if it was MultiversX? It would be worth $61,560. That's pretty cool, and Markethive is giving that to you for being an Entrepreneur One! Another example is Arweave (AR), with a circulating supply of 65.4 million and a maximum supply of 66 million currently sitting at $11.04, which is $11,040, which is nothing to sneeze at. 

One of the strategies that Markethive will use is to buy back or repurchase some of the HVC tokens using its cash resources from holders at market price. This approach is not novel, as businesses have long utilized self-investment as a means of stabilizing prices (or inflation) in the traditional financial market. 

Hivecoin can profit from the successful and popular buyback approach used in the cryptocurrency market. Binance and Nexo are two examples of successful crypto projects that have employed this strategy to draw investors and deliver tangible advantages. Through a buyback, Hivecoin can offer a compelling and valuable proposition that works well within the system, ultimately resulting in a substantial increase in asset value. This tactic has shown to be effective and profitable, making it a wise decision for Hivecoin's future.

Empower Markethive's Mission

Markethive is not a drop in the ocean but an entire ocean in a drop. Rather than the ‘seeing to believe’ notion we’ve been brainwashed with, we must practice ‘believing to see.’ By embracing the power of belief, we can unlock our potential and create a brighter future. As a shining beacon, Markethive stands among the best, offering a haven for those seeking sovereignty, prosperity, and growth. To further our mission, we invite you to join us in empowering the people and creating a better world for all. Together, we can make a difference.

Upgrading to Entrepreneur One now is extremely advantageous, as you would receive a sizable bonus consisting of 1 ILP and 1000 Hivecoin. By doing so, you'll benefit from the many products and services exclusive to the E1 upgrade and be recognized as a pioneer in the Divinely inspired groundbreaking initiative, the Lord's Vision, aimed at liberating humanity in a world filled with turmoil.

Merry Christmas and blessings to all! 

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal, business, investment, or tax advice. Furthermore, however plausible, the contents of this article may include speculative opinions. Of course, there is nothing wrong with speculation as long as its premises are made clear. Speculation is the customary way to begin the exploration of uncharted territory as it stimulates a search for evidence that will support or refute it.



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