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I now realize there’s a lot in picking the right company when replacing your roof. After speaking with so many people and different roofing companies, James Rodriguez from Universal Contracting passed all test. Honesty and work ethic is huge for me but experience with knowledge at all phases that he brings helped me check all the boxes. Though a real casual guy, detailed business oriented with paying attention detail (oops and coffee) made the process fairly simple.

Even though my insurance company knew without a doubt the severe damage to my roof, Mr. James Rodriguez from Universal Contracting was able to work with my insurance company to make sure that I received the value that my home deserved. The process of getting the first check to the approval of a final settlement may have taken about 12 days, but that was just the insurance company dealing with high volume on their end. I actually could not believe how quick the final agreement came from my insurance company and that my roof replacement is finally about to happen.

Universal Contracting said that my shingles have been ordered and should be delivered this week. Also just know that in part of me doing my due diligence, I called the Tamko (roofing) company and the verification that I was looking for was extremely high. So if you need any kind of roof inspection, roof work and even a new roof, make sure you reach-out and contact Mr. James Rodriguez for all of your roofing needs. 

Never speak to your insurance company without speaking to Mr. James Rodriguez from Universal Contracting first. Give James a call today and tell him that you saw this write-up review blog.

Ok, Let the roofing work begin! (Stay Tuned…Update Coming)

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