MARKETHIVE THRIVES – Announcements Forthcoming

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MARKETHIVE THRIVES – Announcements Forthcoming

Markethive will soon make history with the impending wallet release and the cessation of the Entrepreneur One (E1) upgrade subscription to new members. The current E1s will continue as usual and receive one-tenth or 0.1 ILP every year when completing 12 consecutive monthly payments per year. 

Acquiring the ILP entitles you to 20% of Markethive’s net revenue per month. You are considered an early adopter and shareholder in the company, which is the first of its kind to integrate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency micropayments, thereby creating an ecosystem for the entrepreneur.  

In other words, Markethive is not just a social media site where people gather. It’s not just an inbound marketing or broadcasting platform where the marketer or creative pays for its services. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have enabled Markethive to offer its users many opportunities to create an income, the most lucrative being the ILP. 

By upgrading to Entrepreneur One, not only are you supporting and assisting in building the monolithic project of a Web 3 Social Market Media, you are essentially the venture capitalists. You are the organic element in Markethive, the Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs, and creating a legacy financially for yourself and your loved ones. 

As an incentive and because the Entrepreneur One upgrade will end soon, all who upgrade and maintain their monthly subscription for 12 months this year will receive a half or 0.5 ILP. 

The Premium Upgrade will also launch once the wallet is released, with many benefits for Markethive members. It increases your earning potential and allows you to monetize the initiatives Markethive has implemented. Click here to preview the features of the Premium Upgrade.

Watch this video of Thomas Prendergast, the CEO of Markethive, explaining in depth the benefits of the E1 upgrade and the opportunity of the ILP as he crunches the numbers. Markethive is a Divine Vision of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and Tom’s mission to bring it to ‘we the people” so that we may enjoy financial sovereignty, freedom of speech, liberty, and peace of mind in this uncertain world. 

The Entrepreneur One ILP special offer, features, and benefits are detailed in this article. The Entrepreneur One ILP Special 

About The Wallet

The Markethive Wallet, as detailed in this article, is now on the Solana Blockchain and is currently being BETA tested on the Markethive Development Site. The image below demonstrates a behind-the-scenes look at the blockchain working and transferring our token to a Solana wallet. The next step is to delegate a chosen BETA group of members who are Entrepreneur Ones to transact (send and receive) the coin via a Solana wallet. 

These people will promote Hivecoin (HVC) by asking their contacts to receive a chosen amount of coins, essentially sending the coin back and forth to people who accept your offer. These people can be users of Bitcoin Forum, Reddit, Telegram, or any site that you are affiliated with. The goal is to create transactional activity in the thousands.

It’s important to be active on the sites mentioned above, as the next step will be engaging five coin exchanges to list HVC on their platforms. The exchanges will do their due diligence and see that Markethive ranks very high in traffic, which will bode well for listing the coin, so it’s critical to have as much interest and activity as possible. 

Being listed on five coin exchanges is significant as it helps create stabilization and equilibrium, whereby a Moving Average or Mean can be calculated.  Moving averages are typically shown as a line on a chart, showing a mean of a previous set of periods. Because they are the mean (or average) of the data, they help to show the general trend and can then be used to map the direction of the coin visually. 

About Markethive’s Coin

The current Markethive Token (MHV) has a total supply of 8.8 billion and is only used internally. As we move forward, our cryptocurrency coin, HIVECOIN, will be the coin of Markethive that will be traded on the open market in crypto exchanges. The coin will replace the Markethive Token and have a total supply of 45 million. A much more realistic figure for the coin’s price action, supply, and demand.  

Phase one of the wallet is about to be released with a new vault and processor. The new hub will produce the new Markethive Credit, replacing the old Markethive Coin used internally. The Markethive Credit can be used to purchase the many services in Markethive and will also have a new staking advantage.

We are not staking the old Markethive Coin, as that is considered a violation of federal regulations that continue to evolve; however, there are ways around it. Our new Markethive Credit is not considered a Security as it can only be transacted one way. You can buy it within Markethive, but you can’t sell it on exchanges.   

You buy Markethive Credits to purchase services and for the purpose of staking, where you receive monthly interest on any given amount. There will also be significant incentives for all members to buy the new Markethive Credits. 


Wrap Up

Markethive has a fully operational inbound marketing system and social interface that is being uniquely enhanced with the new dashboard while simultaneously concentrating on the crypto side of things to get our coin up and running on the open market.  

So, it is almost “all systems go,” and you could help by supporting Markethive to expedite this humongous undertaking, not owned by the elite but by “we the people” so that every individual has a safe haven online. 

Make sure you upgrade to Entrepreneur One before the opportunity ends, and remember that you get a bonus of 0.5 ILP this year for the full 12 months. The Entrepreneur One opportunity for new members ends when the wallet is released.

Be sure to come to the meeting on Sunday at 10 am MST to hear the latest updates. You’ll find the link to the meeting room in the Markethive calendar. And stay tuned; the Markethive wallet is about to be announced. Praise the Lord! 



Editor and Chief Markethive: Deb Williams. (Australia) I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech. I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people to accept and move forward with enthusiasm. Find me at my Markethive Profile Page | My Twitter Account | and my LinkedIn Profile.







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