My mind has always been complex Bubbling and percolating with ideas

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My mind has always been complex. Bubbling and percolating with ideas.

My first memory was a Holy Ghost experience. I have a thirst for knowledge and a thirst for the Lord. An unquenchable thirst, that has driven me my whole life with a spirit of urgency.

Markethive is the culmination of many systems I began building in 1996, prior to that I was driven to learn computers, coding and marketing. In 1984 I acquired my first computer and started an ad agency in the San Francisco Bay Area (Palo Alto)

Markethive is my life work, and as I have aged and become aware of the tech markets I became aware of Elon Musk from his Paypal days to his incredible focus, dedication to making the world a better place and how similar we are.

If you want to know me better, watch this video. I am Elon Musks little twin in so many ways.

Markethive is my Tesla my Spacex, designed to make the world a better place. A home superior to what social networks exist. A platform of freedom and liberty a kingdom built for the entrepreneur and innovator.

Elon talks about how he had to become the Chief Engineer because he could not find any that were any good to join and realized less than that was a mistake. A mistake I made 3 times and now I am that self-taught Markethive Chief Engineer.

Like Elon, I will never give up. I will either have to die or become completely mentally incapacitated.

Watch the video and see how it reflects Markethive in so many ways.

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