Roofing update on Universal Contractors

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Mr. James Rodriquez from Universal Contracting have delivered so far on everything as promised. The first phase of the roofing under-lament moisture barrier was completed this past Friday. Shortly after the roofing crew left, Mr. Rodriquez made me aware of a possible upcoming inspection that could on happen on Monday or Tuesday. So far to all of his information that he outlined in the beginning of the process he has been spot on. After the roofers finished up they used their magnetic dragger to pickup any roofing nails. The county inspector came out to inspect on Monday like Mr. Rodriquez thought. Early that morning, the inspector gave the roofing work a passing grade on the dry-in phase and other completed work. Mr. Rodriguez explained to me that the delivery of the Tamko Titan shingles would be on Wednesday (today) and that his guys would be back to re-roll the yard for loose nails. So today (Wednesday) the roofing crew came back out and re-rolled the yard for anymore possible loose nails like he promised. The Tamko shingles were delivered today minutes after the arrival of the roofing company guys arrived. Needless to say my street was a very busy this morning and I apologize to everyone that were on their way to work. There were no real delays but sometimes when you’re leaving for work that slowing down an extra 10mph can seem like forever. But the Beacon delivery guys were smooth fast and efficient as they quickly pulled up on the side of the house to do their thing. Now the next step is for the installation of our beautiful Tamko Titan shingles. This installation will happen 2 days from now on Friday and should only take one day. Soon my house will be “Tamko Titan Strong“! So far so good and I’m happy that Mr. James Rodriquez has walked and talked with me each step of the way. I will give another update maybe on Monday as long any health challenges don’t get in the way.  If you need any kind of roofing work, I highly suggest that you speak with Mr. James Rodriguez from Universal Contracting. Bruce Jacobs (happy customer)   Bruce Jacobs
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