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Good Afternoon members/followers of markethive,  I'm delighted to pen this thank you to Tom (CEO) of this great organization. I have met Tom and his family during a most difficult time in my life, we have formed such a great spiritual bond that I'm sure it was all Devine and orchestrated by God himself.

I currently live in the beautiful country namely the Bahamas, I've being instructed by the Holy Spirit to start a feeding ministry on the streets for whomever would come. Once a month my team and i would go out and prepare breakfast, water, snacks for persons, one day having a conversation Tom heard about the feeding ministry, he sprung into action, asking how can he assist the work of the lord in my country. I was moved with compassion because the Holy Spirit said to me I will send the persons to help you with the funding/ supplies to help feed his people. Tom step out in his faith and said I'm putting a seed in the ground on behalf of Markethive🙏. Last month the Holy Spirit switched it up and sent me to assist the disabled and blind organization summer camp where I prepared breakfast every morning for the  students and instructors, cleaning supplies even lunch. Being obedient to voice of God I stepped out on faith, created the flier of God's vision; again when Tom saw the flier he called right away unselfishly saying I'm in, I'm helping with this assignment, he's being doing so for almost a month now consecutively.

 I would like to extend  a heartfelt thank you  Tom for your heart of gold and putting the needs of God's children ahead of your need. Proverbs 19:17 says he that has pity on the poor lendeth unto God that which he hath given will he pay him again. May God bless you, your family and business abundantly may you continuously find favor with God and mankind……Glory Carrier

Bruce Jacobs

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