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The great reset implies a transformation of society that will sacrifice entire sectors to enhance economic and social well-being. This means permanent restrictions on fundamental liberties and mass surveillance on the world population. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF), driven by CEO Klaus Schwab, where international business leaders, political leaders, economists, and what we call the “elite” band together to discuss what they consider to be global issues. They are now promoting “Own nothing and be happy in 2030”. In other words, if you have nothing, you have nothing to own, and you have to be happy.

Those who have nothing will be happy in 2030, according to a new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR). With the recent events of the US election, these speakers at the WEF have all but inaugurated the president-elect, Joe Biden, already and are tickled pink that they will finally have the United States on board along with many other countries.

No matter how these so-called leaders try to package it, in the eyes of the people whose fundamental right is freedom and the innate human characteristic to better themselves, to strive, thrive, and achieve will be stripped from them. Any motivation or drive is suppressed, causing a dystopian environment.

A Dystopian Reset – A Morphological Transition

A dystopia, or simply "anti-utopia,"  is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It occurs in many subgenres and is often characterized by the catastrophic decline of civilization and the other characteristics that go with it. Authors use the term to refer to existing or formally dictatorial societies and in an advanced state of collapse in which many of us live, have been, or are. Dystopian societies are often used to draw attention to inequality, poverty, inequality of opportunity.

The World Economic Forum is the primary driver for this dystopian reset, a tectonic shift that proposes to change how we work, live, and interact with one another.

This great reset will involve a transformation of society that will lead to creating a new global new world economy, sacrificing entire sectors to strengthen the monopoly and domination of pharmaceuticals corporations, high-tech or Big Data Giants, Amazon, Google, major Global chains, the digital payment sector, biotech concerns, etc. The pandemic’s current global lock-downs and restrictions are being used to push through this change.

The economy is being restructured with the great reset rolled out under the guise of a fourth Industrial Revolution. Older organizations will be driven to bankruptcy or absorbed into monopolies, effectively shutting down prodigious components of the pre-covid-19 economy. 

Derisive And Divisive

In this video, the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030, we will own nothing, but we will be happy. Notice no one is involved in the manufacture or delivery of products, but you see happy, smiling faces when drones bring products to the home. So effectively, you will no doubt order online, robots will pack it in a vast Amazon warehouse, and a happy smile can be seen on your face as a drone brings the product into your home.

You can also be safe in the knowledge that these processes we will be forced to adopt are virus-free; because, let’s face it, even in 2030, they will need to keep the fear narrative fresh in our minds to continue to dominate civilization. 

But beyond that, the probability of anyone knowing or remembering how we used to live will be diminished, and more subservient, brainwashed generations will be present, believing the life they are living every day is good and quite the norm.  

Eight predictions for the world in 2030

Who Will Own Everything?

The World Economic Forum says in order to maintain sustainable consumption and save the planet; society will rent everything it needs, stripping the right of ownership. Still, the small elite launching this great reset will own everything and deprive hundreds of millions of people globally deemed “surplus to requirements” are to be robbed as is currently being robbed of their livelihoods. The system will monitor us; our every movement and our main dealings and purchases will be online as we are experiencing today, at an increasing rate.


Help Will Come In The Form Of Dictatorship

Individual citizens’ plan could reflect the strategy to be applied to nation-states, such as universal basic income and universal health care, or even universal education. For instance, the World Bank Group president, David Malpass, has stated that poorer countries will be “helped” get back on their feet after the various lockdowns that have been implemented due to covid. This assistance will be on the condition that neoliberal reforms and the undermining of public services are implemented and become further embedded. 

The Wall Street Journal ran a headline: "IMF, (International Monetary Fund) World Bank Face Deluge of Aid Requests from Developing World." Dozens of countries are demanding bailouts and loans from financial institutions that hold $1.2 trillion in assets. 

In exchange for debt relief and aid, it’ll create a dependency on the world's largest financial institution, the World Bank and the IMF. They have us right where they want us, dependent on them. 

Global corporations like Bill Gates will continue to dictate national policy and undermine what remains of nation-state sovereignty. What will happen to our social and personal identities, and should we be eradicated from all we do, and what will our future bring?

The billionaire class pushing this agenda believes they can own nature, all humans, and control both. They think that they do a better job than nature.  For example, genetically modifying soil microbes is better than nature by producing biosynthesized fake food in a laboratory. They think they can close out history, reinvent the wheel and reshape what defines us to be human, and they want this to happen by 2030. 

Cultural Traditions Eradicated

This chilling dystopian vision aims to erase thousands of years of cultural traditions and practices relatively overnight. When agriculture became the key to human survival, the traditions and practices of many cultures related to the way food was produced, with deep, ingrained links to nature, as agriculture and other seasonal activities associated with food production were central to their heritage. 

Interestingly, in the 1950s, Union Carbide's corporate narrative was based on images that portrayed the company as God's hand coming down from heaven to solve all the problems facing humanity. One of the most famous photos shows a hand pouring its agrochemicals into Indian soil as if traditional farming methods were somehow backward. 

According to Professor Glenn Stone, who wrote an essay in New Histories of a Green Revolution, this chemically motivated approach led to higher food production.

However, it has had devastating environmental, social, and economic consequences in the long term, with catastrophic effects on the environment, human health, and the planet's health.

Bob Ashley cited in his book, Food and Cultural Studies, that some years ago, Coca-Cola, in a television advertising campaign, sold the message to its audience, linking modernity to the sugary drink and portraying Aboriginal beliefs as harmful, ignorant, and outdated. Not rain, but Coke was the giver of life to the thirsty on arid land.

This kind of ideology attempts to discredit traditional culture and present it as inadequate or deficient, requiring the need for help from God-like enterprises. Conventional agriculture in most industrialized countries will be subject to increasing pressure from big tech and agribusiness to open up to laboratory products – cultivated food GMOs (genetically modified soil microbes). 

Self-Sustaining Farms Delivering A Food Substitute

The great reset will initiate farms that are farmerless, operated by driverless machines, drones, and saturated with chemicals to produce raw crops from patented GMO seeds that have been industrially processed and used as a substitute for food. What we see in the 2020s is an acceleration of such food production.

What will happen to farmers in the face of this pressure?

The World Bank talks about helping countries get back on their feet in exchange for structural reforms, post covid. Authorities will coax small-hold farmers in the millions from their land in return for debt relief and universal basic income. The displacement of these farmers and the subsequent destruction of rural communities and their cultures was something the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation once called for and cynically termed land Mobility. 

If you cut through all the euphemisms, it becomes clear that Bill Gates and his profoundly rich cohorts instigating the great reset are old-fashioned colonialists and are all supportive of the time-honored, confiscation strategies of imperialism. 

The acquisition and commodification of farmers' knowledge is part of the strategy to accelerate the transfer of research to seed companies and facilitate intellectual property piracy and seed monopolies created through laws and seed regulations. 

While some countries in Africa and parts of Asia are still agricultural societies, most are currently supplied with genetically modified seeds. Partly indebted farmers are delivered to the tech giants’, financial institutions, and global agribusiness to pump out their high-tech, data-driven, GMO industrial sludge. 

Human Beings Are Commodities To Be Controlled

If this is the brave new world that the World Economic Forum is promoting, then we are all part of “our own nothingness.” The culturally rooted beliefs that give meaning and expression to our lives are being completely severed. We will be left with the individual human who is forced to live on lab-based food, reliant on income from the state, and who is stripped of a satisfying, productive endeavor and genuine self-fulfillment. Any sense of self-worth, dignity, identity, or even the possibility of a meaningful life will be severely lacking or non-existent. 

Technocratic interference has already destroyed or at least undermined cultural diversity, meaningful social connections, and agricultural ecosystems of centuries of traditional knowledge recognized as valid approaches to secure food security. The Technocracy that envisages the transformation regards humans as commodities to be controlled and monitored, the same way the lifeless technological drones are and, of course, artificial intelligence on a grand scale. 

But, not to worry; as we’re being told, we will be property-less and happy in our open incarceration of mass unemployment, government-dependency, tracking our health and micro-chip passports, cashlessness, mass vaccination, and dehumanization. 

Presently, we observe how intensely the rulers and politicians believe they need to take over possession of the earthly elements and say that the world is on the verge of a cataclysmic crisis. People who occupy positions of trust and authority have their attention fixed on the events around us. 


Be Still And Know Something Greater Prevails

Something greater than these globalists is forthcoming, and they cannot withstand it. Every thinking individual recognizes that something more prominent is going to take place. We are spiritual beings experiencing physical reality, with many feeling trapped in the oligarchs’ dream. A dictatorship can only exist with followers. We don’t need to go along with the obedient herd; we do have another choice. Above all, know that we can overcome all negative worldly emotions and circumstances if we come from a spiritual foundation. 

This spiritual foundation is our very core; it’s our truth before ideologies and ego. It’s still and peaceful from the noise and chaos of our minds.  Being in the world and not of the world makes it easier to cope with our path, whatever it is. The world has changed, never to be the same, but Jesus Christ and what he stands for is with us. Be still and sense that you are light.  


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Editors note:
There have been many occurrences, clues, and utter blatant declarations that have been documented over the years, leading up to today’s circumstances; some call it conspiracy theories. I’ve written about these topics previously to awaken people and give them the knowledge to be prepared and not blind-sided by the coming events. They are all inter-related, so being aware will provide us with the edge to make appropriate decisions. We can all gather in prayer, as one, from all over the world, keep the faith and understand there is only one righteous ruler we need to answer to and respect.      

Written by Deb Williams
Chief Editor and writer for Markethive.com, the social, market, broadcasting network. An avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I thrive on progress and champion freedom of speech and sovereignty.  I embrace "Change" with a passion, and my purpose in life is to enlighten people en masse, accept and move forward with enthusiasm.



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