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Connect with entrepreneurs, techies, cryptonerds, artists, innovators, musicians and professional members both subscribers and traffic

Get first-mover advantage by advertising your product or service on Markethive and Markethive subsidaries.

The average user comes to Markethive to learn how to build an Inbound Marketing campaign, promote their services, connect with other members and discover services to purchase.

Markethive provides a valuable inbound marketing platform, commerce portals and a social network where users can learn, engage, expand markets and be introduced to trusted providers.

Markethive provides education, mentoring, direction, and professional services.

Our Reach (Alexa Rank: 4317)

17.57 M Monthly Unique Visitors

130 M Monthly Pageviews

146,500 Social Followers

89,813 Subscribers

We live in a time of disruption, some innovation, some natural and some political.

Markethive is an agent of change and disruption and many refer to Markethive as a Next Generation multi social Saas commerce and media platform.

Markethive has developed 2 significant engines driving the platform into world prominence, those engines being traffic and subscribers.

The 3rd engine Markethive is bringing to the market is advertising as a non-fungible token built into an exchange.

This system delivers to the media buyer a transparent value for their impressions in an exchange type environment.

This insures open market principles, allowing the media buyer to buy impressions from the exchange similar to buying coins in a coin exchange.

The market sets the price. What does that mean? This means the CPM you pay is based on the market setting the price based on demand, effectiveness and availability.

In other words, you will only pay what the market will bear and that assures you are getting the price determined on the value that represents how effective the traffic is.

Traffic impressions are like electricity, in that they cannot be stored, they are only effective at the moment as is electricity.

As electricity the rate or cost is determined by the utility at a set rate, as is the case across the world or as is now that case the price is determined in the exchange based on supply and demand, making its value determined by the demand and effectiveness.

This also means third party sites can join the Markethive BIX exchange to put their impressions up for sale based on the same principle of supply and demand and the free market driving the value accordingly.

Welcome to the BIX by Markethive.

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