Children Made To Order In Central Europe

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Children Made To Order In Central Europe


Before the end of last year, the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior published a short report that did not even penetrate the Czech media. The police accused six people of a Ukrainian reproduction clinic for the crime of child trafficking. Illegal profit 1-2 million Euro, penalty of 15 years of prison. 


Undisturbed, and originally without the interest of the authorities, capital of Czech Republic Prague has become the center of a lucrative business, which police officers refer to as the cynical production and sale of children.


In the last three years, at least thirty newborns were born in Prague hospitals, who then – and it was only a few days old  babies – continued all over the world.


Slogans from the Ukrainian clinic 

All cases concern the so-called surrogacy: a foreign woman takes away the embryo of real biological parents, the children are born in Prague and here they are also officially transferred to the father – a pre-arranged "buyer" who will take the child.

In this way, foreigners can take a child from the Czech Republic for as little as 60,000 euros, (that is 1,5 million Czech crowns). Among those interested are gay couples and so-called singles, men who have lived without a partner for a long time and state as a motive that their mother wanted a grandson.


The service is provided to clients from all over the world by a private clinic based in Ukraine. According to the findings of the Czech web Seznamzpravy, detectives from the National Headquarters against organized crime have been dealing with this case for three years now. According to the first detected case, when the child was taken to Spain, they named the event Operation Spaniel.



"Children are made to order and for a fee, this is not primarily about providing services for infertile couples who have health complications and cannot have their own children," confirms  spokesman for the National Center against Organized Crime of Czech Republic.


For example, one child born in Prague is later lost somewhere in the United States, and it is still being investigated. With others settled in the so-called eggs for transporting infants, people are leaving Prague that no one has checked whether they can take proper care of the child at all. Or whether they are pedophiles.


The case, as documented and verified by the Czech journalists, clearly shows that "shops" with newborns can take place in Prague for a simple reason: in the Czech Republic – unlike other countries – there are no clear rules for surrogacy.

According to all verified findings there are two central locations. In addition to Prague, the aforementioned Ukraine – specifically Kharkov, where the reproductive clinic of the Doctor Alexander Feskov is located. In Ukraine, Feskov is a recognized expert in the field of infertility treatment, but also an entrepreneur who has built his successful business on, among other things, artificial insemination services.



The Kiev Ministry of the Interior says:

"The perpetrators have recruited low-income women to participate in the so-called surrogacy program. The women went to give birth to babies in the Czech Republic… Subsequently, surrogate mothers were forced to pretend to be biological and give up parental rights in favour of foreigners.”

However, according to the findings of Czech police officers, the allegations made in Ukraine did not change much. The business of "producing" children runs as before, albeit on a smaller scale.

Those interested from all over the world can still choose which child they would like in the Kharkov clinic catalog. Race, skin colour, hair colour – nothing is a problem. Not even twins of different genders.


Image Source: Dr. Feskov Clinic Website,


The clinic selects a suitable egg donor from its database accordingly. And then, according to Ukrainian police, the organizers recruit a woman to remove the embryo. At the same time, they take advantage of poor women and pay them a reward of $10,000.

These women, surrogate mothers, then move to Prague before giving birth, where they are taken over by a well-organized team: a nanny, an interpreter and a man who can deal with the authorities. They will register a surrogate mother with a doctor and take out insurance for her…

At that time, the "client" – the future father – usually arrives in the Czech Republic for the first time. During the investigation of the case, Czech detectives came across customers from China, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Germany or Greece.


They Pretend To Be A Couple

According to the police, the birth in Prague and the subsequent settlement of official requirements with paternity at the registry office has a reason: the clinic is circumventing Ukrainian law.

In Ukraine the law dictates that the surrogate mother may only take the child to the spouses, provided that the spouses cannot have children and have tried in vain for artificial insemination. Homosexuals are then completely excluded from the possibility of using surrogacy. This is also the answer to why homosexual couples or singles are among the clients of the Kharkov clinic who are "checked in" in Prague.


“Another reason is the relatively high level of healthcare at relatively low prices in Czechia – compared to other countries. After the birth of a child, the mother signs a set of documents in which she waives her rights to the child and consents to his / her travel to the father's country, and at the same time signs the power of attorney so that he can perform all legal acts in relation to the child independently," says a spokesman for the National Headquarters against organized crime.


"Basically, anyone who has enough money can literally get a child to order," says Lukáš Starý, a Czech representative at Eurojust, the European Judicial Cooperation Unit, which helped organize case investigations across different countries.

However, due to midwifery, newborns and their fathers got out of the sight of the authorities. In Ukraine, the clinic hid her surrogate mother, and in the Czech Republic, she was just an ordinary mother in front of doctors.

According to detectives, the group around the Feskov Clinic was well aware that it could easily circumvent strict Ukrainian laws through Prague. The service was not provided by the clinic directly, but through contracts concluded between fathers and foreign companies.


Surrogacy payments then ended up in Cyprus and Swiss accounts belonging to companies that Dr. Feskov does not own on paper, but in fact controls them from the background.

The individual links in the chain, i.e. people at different levels of the group, did not know each other. The organizers also instructed them to remain tacitly silent about the connection with the respected Ukrainian clinic.

Here a comment from the discussion on Czech web:

“It is the culmination of cynicism and parasitism based on corrupt hunger for money, no matter what – morality, society, human beings, children, crazy – all aside when it comes to money, and this is exactly what destroys the world today. Everyone fell ill with money. Corruption in Ukraine is the highest level. 

In terms of corruption, Ukraine is indeed one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The fact is that all the anti-corruption measures that Zelenskyj has taken so far have only been cosmetic…”


Czech police think that the case described could persuade politicians to tie surrogacy to clear rules. So far, such paragraphs have not been written.


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