FishinFranks is making a comeback

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FishinFranks is making a comeback and the community is pitching in. Needless to say that he, his wife and so many others just so busy trying to get FishinFranks backup and running. So I found a few words that he was able to share with us today on Facebook at

Here are just a few words on Facebook from the Frank himself: "I am trying to get everything. Yes I found a building with the help of Joe Spadafora from Community eye center and howard Corr realaity and Steve Dukke Of Westchester gold. Later today I will post pictures of the property and we are waiting on a bank loan If the bank gives me the mortgage we will have a new fishin Frank." Listen to FishinFrank himself below.

You can continue to pitch in and support the FishingFranks Rebuild many ways. Check the Facebook link above for many ways to support. You can order your FishinFrank T-Shirt right now while $10 from each shirt will go towards the FishinFranks Rebuild. Order now at


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