How entrepreneurs change the world with their ideas

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Entrepreneurs and the power of new ideas

A big buzzword in the U.S. for a long time – with masses of literature, research and entire courses of study – entrepreneur describes above all an entrepreneurial spirit, a way of thinking and acting in a world that is constantly changing and thus always full of entrepreneurial opportunities. An entrepreneur is someone who recognizes these opportunities and seizes them in order to pursue them with so much entrepreneurial vision, passion, skill, and stamina that they become successful business models – which may then change the world once again.
This always requires a large portion of curiosity and the willingness to think in new ways, to rethink, and to think further or differently than others. In addition, the ability to act in the midst of great uncertainty, not to lose courage and to deal with risks or setbacks is often required. Entrepreneur is therefore also a spirit of progress that drives change and innovation in our society.

Now, one might quickly think of the big names in the innovation and startup scene – the usual suspects in today's global economy – who have turned our entire culture upside down with their business ideas. This goes from Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos to Mohammad Yunus, who established a new concept of poverty alleviation with microcredit – and of course these are just a few of the famous cases.

Of course, these are impressive stories, but the fact is that anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit described can be an entrepreneur! There are countless such people all over the world, but we will never read about them in the newspaper. An entrepreneur is someone who develops and successfully implements an innovative business model.

What innovative entrepreneurs do for the economy: they are engines of change, creative creators and visionaries, and they often develop sustainable reforms even while governments and international bodies are still struggling to find suitable solutions. In short – they are indispensable for a better world.

Every innovative business model that is developed and successfully implemented belongs to them – even if it is on a very small scale. It is the entrepreneurial spirit behind it that counts in order to be considered an entrepreneur. This also means that you don't need a business degree or an MBA, because as an entrepreneur you don't manage the existing, but rather take care of the creative development of the corporate world

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