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Hi friends I will try to make this tutorial as simple as possible for everyone to understand.

So the first step is to have a wallet with EGLD   on it, if you don't have you can enter this link , or use this code if you are registering from mobile app gftqhcrb6 and you will get 10 $ at the first EGLD acquisition of 200 $  worth of  EGLD.

The second step is to go to and in the right corner, you have to press the Connect button and open your MAIAR WALLET select the mair wallet you have.

if you select the MAIAR APP you have to scan the QR Code and you will receive these messages

Ok that s was the easy part now let's teach you how to make money from your investment 

Goand press the Swap  Button , the swap function it  permitting us to change from two coins  directly from our MAIAR wallet

Select how much EGLD you want to change with MEX and then press Swap  after that you have to confirm your transaction ,after that if every think is allwright  transaction is done and will appear in the lower corner of the screen with green. Swap Complete 

Now we have to go Liquidity  and then press the + Add Liquidity  what we want to do is to add EGLD and MEX  in a liquidity pool   to receive som LP TOKENS  and on the MAIAR APP you will received to confirm the  3 transaction you have to confirm .

Now after this lets put to work  this LP TOKENS to work let go to  farms  and go the pool we just add liquidity

and we will press STAKE and confirm again in MAIAR APP and wait for transactions to be made 

Now you can see your APR -your MEX staked  and your MEX Earned


Thank you dear friends for reading my blog and I will come back with another article until next time I wish you all the best


Bruce Jacobs

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