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Markethive’s Divine Mission And Vision Statement – 2021

The Divine mission of Markethive, the blockchain-driven social market network, was developed to fill the vacuum for the world's entrepreneurs. 

In an era where entrepreneurs are coming under fire and free speech is threatened, the Markethive system of powerful broadcasting and marketing tools was developed for entrepreneurs to give them a solid platform to build their sovereignty and freedom.

In Markethive, your posts aren’t deleted; they’re broadcasted.

Markethive’s commitment is to uplift our expansive community and bring forth the entrepreneurial spirit within each individual. Integrity, transparency, freedom of speech, privacy, and autonomy are inherent in our code of ethics. 

Markethive aims to continue at the forefront of emerging technology, delivering a decentralized and dynamic ecosystem, enhancing the experience of all users. (UX)

Markethive’s Divine Vision is to empower and enrich the lives of every individual and humanity on every level across the globe.


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