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Messina pools is on the verge becoming a Southwest Florida powerhouse name in the pool industry. I'm only assuming that Mike Messina (owner) company has been around a little less than 10 years based on a few people that I've spoken to. I have not interviewed Mesina Pools owner and he has not asked me to write anything.

Our realtor (Chad Vogt) told me that it's a really nice house in a nice area but the pool will definately need to be redone. Our realtor said that he knew his fair share of pool people but if it was his pool, he would have Messina Pools do the job. Now I know why his pool business is growing so rapidly with now over 250 clients in just a few years. He's honest, a Godly man of his word and his workmanship shows for itself.

Mike Messina of Messina Pools gave my damage pool a much needed makeover. I had the pleasurable opportunity to watch his crew tear down the old pool. His plan was to resurface, install new tiles and switched the pool to saltwater. Bye Bye to my algae sea green color and hello to our crsip and clear baby blue waters.


Before Before    Before 

The DARK spots in the above pictures are the Green Algae spots that could not be removed



Sparkling and crystal clear saltwater pool now. 

Thank you Mr. Messina for such a wonderful job. 


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)



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