Opportunity in darkness

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Opportunity in the darkness

When it is at its worst, everything can suddenly get better

Many of us are today facing dark period of life and experiencing what it's like to be at rock bottom. And we have to consider how we can emerge victorious from this pain. Even when it is sometimes cloudy, dark and the sun is not shining, it gives us a lot of opportunities.

Famous writer J. K. Rowling says: "the bottom became for me a solid foundation on which I built my whole further life.“

In the dark, the light can shine most strongly. Darkness, fatigue and suffering are disguised opportunities.

People who are going through something psychologically very painful often describe a similar principle: that the pain (darkness) allows them to go into greater depth. A Czech psychologist Dušan Kadlec writes in his book From the bottom to the stars, "obstacles are put in people's way to make them extraordinary people.“ 

If you are really very tired, but you are still able to at least walk and move gently, it is highly recommended, for example, go to practice yoga. It is my repeatedly experienced experience: when we are most tired or most stressed that any relaxation has the strongest effect for us. You don't even think about it, and everything can be different. You can feel the most tired in the world, and after sixty or ninety minutes of exercise, you feel, on the contrary, like the most refreshed people. In general, it is also true: when we go through great suffering and great darkness, we are much more grateful for any small light.

Pain can be the biggest teacher
Pain reminds us that somewhere there is a mistake. That we forgot something. Not that we are bad, but that the pain is meant to remind us of something.

Finally here some breathing exercise: The royal way to cleanse the nervous system is slow breathing

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Slow breathing should be pleasant  for you, without any pressure.
Controlled breathing (in yoga "pranayama") occupies a privileged place among ancient medical practices. Modern research has shown that the advantages of controlled breathing are quite real.

Controlled breathing relieves symptoms:
• insomnia
• anxiety
• post-traumatic stress disorder
• depression

You can start with relatively quick breathing – count to 4 inhaling and then again to 4 exhaling. Slowly you can change it to 4 = inhaling, 2 = stopping, 8 = exhaling. Repeat this procedure for at least several minutes. Later when you are already trained you can prolong the intervals . There should be no overstrain of the will.  People with high blood pressure and pregnant women should keep their own pace and, above all, avoid pressure when holding their breath.

Thanks to practice, this whole process will become very simple and pleasant. It is thanks to the peace and tranquility that come with the unfolding of the breath, when the mind and body open up and receive the healing light. This breath cleanses the lungs and other organs. It brings more oxygen to the brain, leads to greater calmness and clarity of thinking. It is the breath that allows us to maintain a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic system.

The Persian poet Saadi Shirazi (1210-1291) says:

"Deep in the sea lie hidden treasures of immeasurable value. You'll find safety on the shore.“

Our world, from the laws of physics to social relations, is based on polarity. Life develops in a world of opposites between two poles. Each system and organism strives to achieve completeness and unity, which means the unification of polarity. Knowledge of good and evil. Who wants to remove only one pole from the world, unconsciously strengthens it. 


           Hope is never lost, thanks for reading


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