Entrepreneur One’s to receive 12 ILPs in 2022

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Entrepreneur One (Christmas Special):  
One Half ILP Yes that is a 50% of an ILP to say thanks for sticking with us!


All active, or new, or restored accounts will receive a .5 (1/2) ILP upon finishing 12 consecutive payments on January 2023. This incredible offer is made to commemorate our Entrepreneur One program. This is in addition to the standard .1 ILP you receiveofr each 12 consequetive months you pay on time for the 10 years following the original launching og the Entrepreneur One program. 

As of the release of the Markethive wallet, we will be launching the Premium Upgrade member service and closing the door to new or restored old Entrepreneur One accounts.

We expect by end of 2022 we will have an E1 exchange available for owners of Entrepreneur One accounts to offer their accounts for sale and for all Markethive members to seek and bid on purchasing an Entrepreneur One account for their own. But you will not find Markethive making them available for free again.

Thank you so very much for your ongoing loyalty and trust in this project.

Thomas Prendergast

Bruce Jacobs

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