Port Charlotte Comes Together

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Warren and Jill

Port Charlotte folks are coming together over food and getting a little break at the same time thanks to Warren and Jill. The tasty and hot food is being provided by “Operation BBQ Relief” and others stopping by are bringing desserts and drinks. Port Charlotte folks that need a break, food or both… don’t miss out like you did tonight. I’ve spoken to people from Gulf Cove to right here in the heart of Port Charlotte and what a breathe of fresh air it was.

Sandy and Charlie were a real hoot!

The free food was great but the conversations were and are such a blessings to each other. While some people knew each other, many people did not. But towards the end of my time, most people were walking from table to table having a great time. People’s faces were filled with smiles and the shared stories from the storm to cleanup sounded like it’s something that we all needed to hear. Everyone here has been impacted by the hurricane, but these moments of coming together at a time like this in a setting like this, will prove to be invaluable to all who attend.

The Free Food from Operation BBQ Relief has arrived

Chip in if you like, but most of the main food is being provided for free by Operation BBQ. But what Operation BBQ can’t provide is you. We all need to eat and a just a little break of the monotony of cleaning up. More food on tomorrow (October 8th) at Port Charlotte Beach Park (where else) and another beautiful sunset awaits us as the food will be waiting for you too. Ice, paper plates, plastic silverware are always welcomed and especially you!

See you there Sunday (October 9th) at 5:30pm until sunset … BUT Don’t forget to hit the Share Buttons!

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