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Relax, Breathe and Take a Walk

Stress is a normal part of life. We’ve all had an unexpected challenge, tight deadlines or some other emergency that has caused some disruption in our life. However, many of us are experiencing more than the normal amount of stress daily. Whether it’s because you worry too much, overthink, or are simply not on the path you’d like to be, too much stress can be harmful to your overall health. The good thing is, you can change your routines and mindset and lower your stress.


A very common trigger of stress is worrying about the unforeseeable future or constantly thinking about the past. When you are finally able to grasp that you cannot predict or control that the future has in store and simply live in the now, you will be able to let go of a lot of stress. Many causes of stressing about the future are overthinking what can go wrong or what will happen if this happens. But the truth of the matter is you simply do not know. Likewise, there is nothing that you can do to change things in the past. So why continue to worry about them?


As humans, we like to think we’re in control of our life. If we do the things we’re supposed to, then we should get the results we expect right? However, that’s not always the case. You can do everything right and still not get that promotion. You can be the perfect partner and still get your heart broken. This is because we cannot control what others do and how they feel towards us. We surely cannot predict what the universe will put in front of us. So, we must learn to simply let go.


As simple as it sounds, taking deep breaths can be very beneficial to your nervous system. Deep breathing has been found to help lower stress in the body and help your brain calm down and relax. One popular breathing method that has been scientifically proven to influence the nervous system and immune response is The Wim Hof Method. You can follow Wim Hof through an introductory tutorial that can help your body relax and support a healthy stress response.


Taking time to disconnect from your computer screen and pause from your busy day to simply walk in nature can be very beneficial to your health. Health experts have shared that taking a walk in the woods can help reduce stress and cognitive fatigue and help with depression and anxiety. This recent trend referred to as “forest bathing” has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels – improving your health. Let’s all take time to unwind and de-stress by following these easy tips. Plus, you can always support a healthy stress response with Ultimate D-Stress. This blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals may help you combat stress naturally and support your overall mental health.


Rocio Ramos (Contributor/Author)
Bruce Jacobs (Photos by BJacobs Photography)

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